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Mam Comfort Soother Small Teat - 2 Pack

Mam Comfort Soother Small Teat - 2 Pack

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    * Ideal for newborns & Premature babies*
    * Smallest of MAM teats
    * One single piece made entirely of 100% high quality silicone
    * Makes the soother particularly hygienic and easy to clean
    * Soft material is gentle on babies skin and prevents unsightly marks
    * Extra small orthodontic teat supports natural sucking behaviour and supports healthy oral development
    * Lightweight design helps baby to easily retain the soother
    * Silicone handle for easy grip and attachment of clip
    * 32% lighter than the average full silicone soother competitor

    Specially designed for newborns, the MAM Comfort is made of 100% high quality silicone and is the first MAM one piece soother. As the soother is not made of multiple pieces, it is particularly hygienic and easy to clean. The exceptionally soft silicone material is gentle on baby's skin and prevents unsightly marks, providing a comfortable and calming effect for newborns. The extra small orthodontic teat, which is in fact the smallest of MAM Soother teats, along with it's and extremely lightweight design, supports babies natural sucking behaviour and promotes healthy oral development. The MAM Comfort can also be used by premature babies* of lower birth weight *1,400 - 6,500g and is used in some hospitals as the third and final premature soother in the MAM Preemie soother range.

    To meet the highest standards, the soothers are developed in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists. The MAM Comfort was developed over a period of 8 years with leading paediatricians, nurses and speech therapists. MAM designers have designed soothers in different sizes, ensuring a maximum level of comfort for babies of all ages. Thanks to the smart design, the soother always sits in the mouth perfectly. MAM soothers are anatomically correct to allow healthy jaw and teeth development.

    Ease & Convenience - These soothers come with a self-sterilising travel case for easy and convenient sterilising on the go. Simply pour 25 ml of water into the box and then place your soothers teat down inside. Close the box and then heat in the microwave for 3 minutes and they are ready to be used again.Note: Please allow the product to cool before giving it to your baby.


    Type : Dummy

    Age Group : Premature

    Brand : Mam

    Product Code : SRC0102B

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